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The #1 social media company in the nation for one reason...we treat and care about the businesses we represent like they are ours!

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Social Life in a Nutshell.

Social Media Marketing Promotions Facebook Twitter Youtube Evansville Indiana Little Rock Arkansas Chicago Illinois St. Louis Missouri Jacksonville Florida Nashville Tennessee SLM is a full functioning, experienced and well versed social media staff of exciting, fun, enthusiastic, well socialed people and a niche for businesses to dive into the tens of thousands of people in the area, of all ages and demographics, that use social media for hours daily. We aren't reinventing the wheel. We aren't selling you snake oil. Facebook, Youtube and all the other sites require time, energy and effort...after you figure out how to set up the page, friend thousands of people and effectively promote your business. So here's the secret...we'll do it for you at a cost that you won't blink an eye at to pay. Be Social. Read More.

Social Media by the Numbers.

Percentage of Online Adults Use these Sites:
  1. Facebook67%
  2. LinkedIn20%
  3. Twitter16%
  4. Pinterest15%
  DID YOU KNOW? > 27% of total U.S. internet time is spent on social networking sites > 15% of total U.S. mobile internet time is spent on social networking sites > FB produces 50% more leads than any other form of advertising > 52% of all marketers have found a customer via Facebook in 2013 > 25% of consumers who complain on FB expect a response within 1 day > 46% of online users use FB when making a purchase decision

  • Some people are good at advertising and marketing. Some people are social media nerds. We are both...except less nerdy :)- Jennifer - Vice President
  • Anyone that knows a few programs can make an ad, website or Facebook page with text and pics...I create works of art.- Kelsey - Graphic Designer
  • 90% of what we do for clients is behind the scenes, connecting real people with real world needs to the businesses that can help them.- Alysha - Social Media Strategist