About Social Life

We are not fast talking sales people. We are not social media wannabe’s. We only used marketing in our name because Social Life Facebooking sounded silly. We are social media image creators, site maintainers and buzz initiators for your business! We are ‘THE’ social media company. The trend setters. The company that learned social media from being on social media and not in a book, class or seminar. We think outside the box. We go the extra mile. We stretch social media to the limits and beyond with one goal in mind for your business, revenue.

We will come to your business, take pictures, get information and create an effective social media strategy…including a Facebook page, a Twitter page and more. We’ll be thinking about your business day and night. While you’re opening presents with your family on Christmas morning, we’ll be wishing your fans and followers a Merry Christmas. We are PR professionals that don’t harp over the latest app or social media piece of technology because real people don’t use social media for that stuff. We focus on what social media is all about, people. We watch their patterns, we gauge their interactions, we study their social behavior and then map out the best way for your business to not just reach them, relate to them, get them to interact, break down the brick and mortar walls of the real world and open up the path of communication in the social realm.

We’ll take your business and treat it like our own. We’ll promote it – monthly, weekly, daily and total life devotion to your site if requested. We’ll post offers, send emails and greetings, take pictures, interact with fans, market, promote and anything else needed to create an on-line social image for your business that keeps old customers and brings in new customers. You can focus on running the business. We’ll focus on your social media public relations and get you the business! Sound good? You bet it does! Take a look around our site, browse current customers, get a feel for the energy Social Life Marketing brings to the table everyday and contact us. It’ll be the best thing you’ve ever done for your business.